Clara's niobium pendant

Rachel's Clanger Moon

41st anniversary pendant

40th anniversary pendant

15th wedding anniversary pendant

Clara's laser-coloured earrings

Wendy's concentric pendant

37th anniversary pendant

Paper pendants

36th anniversary pendant

12th wedding anniversary pendant

35th anniversary pendant

Tash's pearl and roller-chain bracelet

Suzi's Corian pendant

Eyeball cufflinks

Wendy's Corian pendant

34th anniversary pendant

Donna's Spork

Cartographical Pendants


Dingbat's Brass Limpets

Hester's Keum Boo Ring

Rachel's Brass Starfish

33rd anniversary pendant

Rachel's Silver Beetle

Titanium Heart Earrings

Tash's Pearl Earrings

32nd anniversary pendant

Karen's cement pendant

Clara's Damasteel earrings

Cement circles

Victoria's forged earrings

31st anniversary pendant

Dingbat's brass moustache

Rachel's brass scallop purse

30th anniversary pendant

Hester's QR Code Pendant

Donna's Squid Pendant

Wendy's Squid Brooch

Donna's Hair Beetle

Cogs and eyes

Sue's twisted titanium earrings

Copper Cat

Silver QR codes

Bronze Brains

Brass QR codes

Rachel's Brass Scarab

Peter's raising stake

Wrinkly bowl

Clara's chasing hammer

Peter's delrin hammer

28th anniversary pendant

Titanium spork

Disk-platter bowls

Nunome Zogan

Etched wrought iron

Sue's forged ring

Bronzclay tests

Donna's Damasteel earrings

Clara's Damasteel pendant & earrings

Jackie's striped glass earrings

Mum's serpentine pendant

Rachel's Engraved Enamel

Wendy's big creased titanium pendant

Victoria's Engraved Enamel

Doctor Donna

Hester's Chased Brain

Rachel's Perforated Perspex

Nett's dyed Perspex earrings

Donna's Damasteel Pendant

Concentric Perspex

Valentine Malachite

Happy Birthday, Donna!

Jackie's Black Dot Earrings

Jackie's Titanium Earrings

Spiny Bearing Ring

Rippled Turquoise Titanium (again)

Sue's titanium squiggle

Rachel's titanium squiggle

Wendy's titanium rectangle

Clara's titanium rectangle

Niobium squiggle

Nickel octopus

Chasing punches

HiRez's robot heads

Spiny Bearing Pendant

Anniversary Cuff

Little copper bowl

Rippled Turquoise Titanium


Victoria's Tiny Diamond

Riveted Titanium Pendants

Enamels as examples for Peter

Penny's titanium pendant

Donna's creased titanium pendant

Mokume trials

Inlaid Mysterons

Jen's Enamelled Bars

Charlotte's Three-Eyed Owl

Wendy's Enamelled Squares

Rachel's Enamelled Bars

Engraved BatCard

Sue's Wiggly Earrings

Donna's Shibuichi Bean

Victoria's Inflated Pendant

Ming's Valentine Locket

Donna's Clanger Moon earrings

Donna's smiling earrings

Sue's wiggly pendant

Mum's sea-urchin pendant

Hester's yellow ring

Wendy's creased pendant

Creased cufflinks

Donna's Clanger Moon pendant

Jackie's bearing pendant

Charlotte's bird pendant

Donna's 25th anniversary bracelet

Wendy's red & clear earrings

Donna's crumpled steel necklace

Ebba's Etched Ring

Hester's Splined Ring (revisited)

Emma's Sodalite Ring

Wendy & John's Wedding Card

Wendy & John's Wedding Rings

Steve & Mandy's 25th anniversary

Pippa's birthday necklace

Fat forged ring

Dark forged ring

Donna's egg pendant

Donna's etched anniversary pendant

Victoria's purple heart locket

Forged silver bracelet

Wendy's engagement ring

Forged spoon pendant

Patinated copper

Ebba's spiral necklace

Donna's Titanium Necklace

Wendy's titanium necklace

Ammonite earrings

Donna's barcode necklace

Our wedding rings

Donna's engagement ring

Hester's creased necklace

Donna's Ash necklace


Miranda's Steel Hat (11/01)

Plasma, steel, purple fur. Miranda did much of the work. Is this jewellery or clothing ?


Monica's contact-bar ring (11/01)

A slice cut from a huge switch contact. Copper, silver. For Monica, on the sad occasion of her departure from Lancaster to take up a new life in the circus (or was it Milton Keynes?).

Knife-edge ring

Ground from oil-blackened hardened & tempered toolsteel, this ring looks great but requires an unreasonable level of caution on the part of the wearer.

Splined aluminium ring

Nylon ring

Contact-bar ring

Ivy ring

Slide-apart ring

Brass box ring

Chest-of-drawers ring

Less of a ring, more of a bottle-opener. Bit ugly.

The second try was an improvement. Opened bottles better, too.

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