Donna's Damasteel Pendant


Happy Anniversary, Donna!

Made from a chunk of Damasteel that my brother Peter gave me. It's a modern powder-metallurgy damascus steel. This was the Hakkapella pattern, 935,7. The UK distributor is Crandart, if you're interested.

I forged a bit of bar down from 3mm to 2mm and domed it hot. After annealing (5 hours at 780C), I ground it to shape, polished it (and drilled the mounting hole), and hardened & tempered it (2 hours at 220C, to HRC ~56). After a re-polish, it was etched for a couple of hours in warm HCl (which is to say, brick cleaner).

The hanger is sterling, with a fine silver rivet.

The back surface has never been ground, just de-scaled with a wire brush.

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