Research Cutlery 2

4mm hex driver set

SKADIS-compatible lasercut pegboard & snap-in hooks

Drew's hex-drive fork

Sideways Spork

Big Compass

Steampunk Zoetrope

Research Cutlery

Dave's Sturdy Spork

Runcible Spoon

Jackie & Dan's Wedding Card

Libby and Damian Made Spoons

Donna's Titanium Spoons

Blade Runner Umbrella

Paul and Miranda Made Spoons

Titanium Spoons

Number Six

Jonty's Opener

Printed Catastrophe

Sue's Titanium Sugartongs

Russ's Spork

Sir Doris

Steam Wrench Walking Stick

Mesh Goggles

Compass Hat

Allen Keyring

Melanie and Dave's Wedding

Good Luck, Donna!

Happy Batday!

Iron Valentine

Cthulhu on a Spike

Keyring Prybar

Kevlar Dog Toys

Bronze Robot Boy (and Girl)

The Claw


Dingbat's Copper Card

Vortex Cannon

Steel tree

Bat's Bat Card

The Birthday Grenade

A Restricted Interval of Joy

Badger Wrench

Donna's Carbon Sticks

Donna's Tongs

Peter's Tongs

Dad's Graph


Stylus Screwdriver

PC Decorations

Chocolate Shear

Scary Alien Head Volvo

Pointy Card

Just a birthday card.

Gaspipe Amplifier

A 150 watt audio amplifier, in a case built from industrial salvage :

The Chocolate Safe


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