Jackie's Oak Table

Donna's Earplug Table

Donna's Tea Tree

John and Wendy's Spiral Roll Holder

Fork Chair

Wheeled Shelf


Donna's Rollholder

Dad's Rack

Andrea's Space Bed!

Mars Attacks!

The HiRez Picnic Aga

Steve's Stove

Donna's Bed

Rivet Chair

MdR's Synth Stand

Cylinder Cupboard

Tricycle Table

Kitty Table

Donna's Doorknocker

Tall Clock

Scary Alien Head (Table)

Rennie & Stimp

Landing-gear chairs

Garden chairs

Holy Video

Holy Cabinet


Lunar Barbeque

Bathroom Steelwork


(Mostly unpictured - sorry about that)

Tables & Shelves

 Wavy Shelving

Latticed Desk

Amoeboid Desk

Richard's Aerofoil Desk

Richard's Wavy Stereo Rack

Richard's Blob Desk


Swivelling Kneeler

Coilover Kneeler

The motorcycle shock allows this office chair to adapt to the user's posture :

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