Andrea's Space Bed

(8/02 - Andrea (welding and grinding), Bat (welding and swearing), HiRez (sarcasm), and me (coffee and taxes))


Now, the Making Of:

Prototype bed-spire. Doesn't look scary, surprisingly enough.

Impromptu Lenin impression while nasty edges and rust are ground from the pipework. Alcohol and angle-grinders should never be mixed. We are trained professionals, however, and understand these things.


Experimental barbie tech: A pure oxygen feed to a recalcitrant barbequeue will enable one to set fire to a wide range of comestibles in a remarkably short time.


Sunglasses after dark? Ha! Here we see Dingbat working on his tan after midnight.

Du. Du hast. Du hast mich!

Beer! Rock! Hats!

Pitchforks ?

Time passes....

Lizard belting.

Lizard toasting.

Done! Except for the spikes, which are in the shed....

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