Rivet Chair


Ducting & rivets. Still in progress. Currently looks like this:

But it needs something to finish those uprights. It seemed to me that some leather domes would be about right - and would be a chance to try out cuirboulli ( here, and here ) So we got some leather, boiling water, a suitable former (plaster cast into a joke hamster-ball), and set to:

It worked very well. Thanks to David Friedman for his excellent instructions.

As the first bit we'd tried had too many creases to be any good for chairs, and as Dingbat had a new sword to play with, we decided to see if the stuff was any good as armour:

But it wasn't:

Then John...well.. you get the idea:

Next, fitting the leather to the chair, and an upholtered squab, and adding castors. When I get round to it.

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