Coats & jackets have always held a fascination for me, though I've never really worked out just why. I've made a few as commissions, and a couple for my own use

Asymmetric softshell

Robert's Rain Hoodie

Drew's Kevlar Jacket

Robert's Kevlar Hoodie

Ventile Shirt

Tarpaulin Hat

Tarpaulin Shirt

Haeckel Waistcoat

Etheric Waistcoat

Rachel's Plasma Wand

Dingbat's Russian Cap

Dad's Ventile Coat

Young Cosmonaut's Trousers

Swedish Moto Clone

Johnny HiRez, of the Imperial Space Marines

Wooly Jacket

It's wooly and a jacket. Pictures, eventually.

Hester's Coat

Waxed cotton, with a silver snakeskin-pattern lining, and no shortage of pockets. The requirement included room for a sketchpad, so the largest pockets are sized for A4:


Robert's Coat

A straightforward jacket, made from a teflon-coated canvas:


Kevlar Jacket

Sewn from a strange coarse-weave heavy Kevlar fabric, this jacket is extraordinarily durable. It's also banana-custard yellow.

(and a bit big for Roo)

8-pocket Jacket

David's Jacket

A scale model of Robert's Coat, with an added hood, from the same soft canvas.

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