Tarpaulin Shirt


A bit of nice tarpaulin ('Heavy Cotton Canvas Fabric Waterproof Brown') from eBay, and an experiment in pattern drafting. More comfortable than it looks.
Though the fabric, which comes slightly waxy, did shrink about 3% on first washing, so the shirt is a tiny bit short. Next time, I'll pre-wash the fabric.

The pattern is from 'Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear':

Just do what it says here:

With your own measurements:

And you get a pattern like this:

The pocket & cuff details were copied from other shirts I liked.

Cut out the bits, sew them together in the obvious order, and a shirt results. The trickiest bit was the cuff placket, which required a bit of googling. On this one, I attached the sleeve to the body before doing the sleeve underarm seam or the body side seam, and that made fitting the sleeve very easy.

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