Asymmetric softshell


Pattern based on the same Burda 6718 as Drew's Kevlar Jacket. I added a hood (pattern copied from a Mountain Equipment fleece with a great hood) and removed the seams between body/sleeve parts and hood. That was a bit speculative, and led to some mad-looking pattern pieces, but worked in the end. I also moved the zip to make an asymmetric front, so I could have one giant pocket and one small pocket.

Fabric is a waterproof 3-layer softshell with a fleecy lining from extremtextil.

(this one for as long as the link stays up)

It is 'very water-repellant' but not seam-sealable, will have to test how it does in the rain. Zips are YKK Aquagard, which again should be water-resistant.

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