Tarpaulin Hat


The tarpaulin I used for the Tarpaulin Shirt seemed about right for hatmaking. So I had a go.

First, find some hats for inspiration:

This one fits me, so I traced the head-hole. It really just needs to be an oval, circumference equal to your head size, and 10% longer than it is wide.

I made up a pleasing brim shape.

Cut it out

And traced it onto card, adding a 5mm seam allowance on the inside. Cut along that inner line.

The top pattern part is just the cutout from the brim. Draw on a 5mm seam allowance, so the sides will lean in by 1cm.
The crown front & back parts are gently curved rectangles, arranged to match the half-circumferences of the top & bottom seam lines.

I left 15mm seam allowances on the ends, to allow for inaccuracy later, and lowered the top of the front & back by 10mm.

Here's a scan of the pattern pieces, If you use these, remember to scale them for your head size. My head is 610mm.

The brim is just two bits of tarpaulin sewn with a long spiral. If you're using a less ridiculously heavy fabric, you may want more layers here to get stiffness.

And bias binding:

The loops were a mistake.

The crown front & back go onto the brim, starting at the center-front and center-back and working outwards. Leave a bit undone where the front & back meet.

Then, put the front & back onto the top. Again, leave a bit undone. Then, mark where the front meets the back, and attach them with a vertical seam. Attaching them to each other so late in the process means that any circumferential sewing errors can be hidden away.
Finish joining the front & back to top & brim by sewing over the join you just made.

Attach the hatband liner to the brim.

Topstitch the crown front & back to the brim:

Turn the hatband liner in and stitch it to the crown front & back.Mine went a bit wrinkly. Good thing I'd used a thin fabric. I think the solution might have been to stretch it a bit when sewing it onto the brim.

Bind the top edges:


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