Needlessly Modular Luggage System - Julia

Needlessly Modular Luggage System - Alice

Collapsing Hackercamp Trolley

Haemish's key holder

Coat Wallet

Donna's Red Purse

John's Centro Case


Donna's Jewellery Box


Donna's TomTom Case

The Behemoth Satchel

David's Laptop Bag

Donna's Green Purse



Donna's Little Pack

Mum's file bag

Marking knife box

Andrea's wireframe bag

Becky's courier bag

Wendy's briefcase

Rachel's 3-dot bag

John's Weekend Pants

Square & rubbery.

Donna's Big Backpack

Large & small at the same time.

Rachel's Rolltop bag

With internal pockets for stuff..

Alison's swim bag

With an external mesh pocket, for the damp stuff..

Laptop cases

Bellows pack

In search of the grail - the one pack that does everything.

Rebecca's pack

Regular daypack size, with a big organiser-pocket and a bottle pocket.

Hester's ellipsis pack

Simple, compact. The elliptical pocket allows a little light into the depths of the bag.

Charlotte's Mylar pack

A simple daypack, with a Kevlar back & a metallised Mylar outer.

Johnny HiRez's ribcage pack

Flexible nylon ribs, and lacing for expansion.

Pat's crocodile pack

Well, not *really* crocodile.

Victoria's courier bag

A compact, organised courier bag.

The HyperSporran

A toolbelt.



Steel briefcase

Welded from quarter-inch plate, this briefcase is robust but so heavy as to require a two-handed lift.

Straightjacket bag

Stout white canvas, with straps & D-rings. This is a briefcase to confine the most dangerous documentation.

Travelling bag

Universal luggage for major travelling - a big rectangular bag with hideaway rucsack straps and a bunch of zipped pockets.

MdR bag

Just a standard soft briefcase, really, made from two panels arranged tennis-ball-style, with a foam stiffener

Rachael changing bag

The perfect babybag - places for nappies, bottles, changing mat. Washable.


The mutant offspring of a wide-strapped daypack and a fisherman's waistcoat.

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