The Sporks Of OHM2013


Once I decided I was going to OHM2013 I started thinking about something interesting to do there. A more organised version of the EMFCamp spork workshop seemed like a suitable idea. So I made some more shiny hammers, welded a few big ball bearings to bits of bar, and put some 0.7mm titanum sheet in the car.

My session was booked to run from 2 till 5, and I had metal & card pre-cut for 10 people, which is about as many as could get it done with the tools I had. Matti and I turned up nice and early at 1:30 (Matti did sterling tutorial duty throughout), and found about 15 people waiting for me. So I dealt out my 10 bits, and asked the rest to come back later.

As the tools came free from the first 10, other people started. At about 5 we got kicked out of our tent to make room for an OpenSCAD workshop. That was probably a great relief to everyone else in the tent, it had got quite hammery by then. We adjourned to the steel-plate floor outside, and sat in the sun.

New people kept turning up, until I ran out of go in the evening. The last spork was done at about 8pm, and I think that was the 21st. They weren't all sporks, we also had an absinthe spoon and a fetching bracelet. I was also very pleased to see some of the earlier sporkists in the session sticking around to instruct the later ones.

I was persuaded to run an Extra Session, so on Sunday morning (when we should have been packing our tents) another 7 or 8 more got made, mostly by the emfcamp crew.

I hope to run the whole thing again at EMFCamp in 2014. Possibly with a few more tools, too. But it will still be a slow process.

This time, I printed out a checklist of the manufacturing steps, which was a big help in keeping track of what process was next for each participant. There's also a packing list of the neccessary tools to make it easier next time. If you want to do something similar, plase feel free to reuse these lists. Send me mail if they don't make sense.

A few pictures of the work in progress:

And here are the finished sporks of OHM2013, along with their makers:

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