My First Forge (11/03)

So, I went on a blacksmithing course, thanks to Donna, and after that was impelled to set up to do it in the comfort of my own shed.

I bought an infeasibly large swageblock on eBay:

which Dingbat bravely helped me crane out of my car.

And I bought this lovely old anvil on eBay, which Dingbat bravely helped me get home last night. And we accidentally bought a large crate of rusty hammers, too.

And today, I fired up a tiny forge for the first time.

It's just a firebrick box, a roaring burner from Rex at Hybrid Burners, and a tank of propane.

And it makes me very happy.

Here's the anvil on its new stand. It's 3mm wall steel tube, filled with sand for a bit of damping. I plan to keep a litter of tools underneath it.

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