The cylinder forge


A new and larger forge, made from an old gas cylinder

I hope to use this for blacksmithing and as a raku kiln. We'll have to see how well that works out.

Here's the bare cylinder, with the impedimenta ground off, the paint removed, and Purified by Fire.

Now with feet, the door opening cut with the plasma, and the hinge bar sort-of installed.

And the door, in four parts. We'll have to see if that's really a good idea..

The doors with their stops fitted loosely into the hole. The hinge bar is also attached.

The completed rear door.

The completed front door.

You can open various combinations of doors to get a small or large forge opening, or to load it as a kiln.

Soft firebrick cut to shape, to support the kiln-shelf floor.

Burner mounts.

And lined with ceramic wool, sprayed with rigidiser, and ready to fire!

I used two layers of 25mm wool from Bath Potter's Supplies. The lining of the main body is self-supporting. On the doors, it's pushed over welded-on woodscrews, and tied in place with nichrome wire. I will probably paint the inside with zirconia paint from Purimachos to toughen it up a bit.

First use, forging raku tongs

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