Anvil tooling

Home-made anvil tools.

A creasing iron, made from a bit of half-shaft, after Brian Price :


Which, a couple of months later, after no more than an hour or two of use, quietly fell in half when I picked it up! There's a long crack, running pretty much the length of the thing, that seems to go at least to the center, plus a helical crack.


A large ball stake, made from the top of a CO2 cylinder. And filled with sand, to keep the noise down:


A little stake anvil, made from rail:


With hammering help from my trusty assistant, Glyn. He looks trusty, doesn't he ?

A bending fork, made by welding four bits of round bar together and forging a taper::


A tiny stake anvil, made from scrap rail by sawing and forging:


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