Russ's Proxxon MF70 conversion


Russ has been working on am MF70 CNC conversion a bit like mine, but better and cheaper. I've helped by machining some of the parts on my Taig CNC mill.

He's used three scrap steppers and a 3-axis driver board from eBay (like this or search for "TB6560 3 Axis CNC") which was 40, and has a parallel port input and all the drivers and heatsinks and so on. He's also swapped out the Proxxon left-handed leadscrews for plain M6 studding, and made new leadscrew nuts from delrin bar.

The bearings are the same as mine, the couplers are similar to mine but much cheaper from eBay.

Here are DXF and CamBam files for the three end plates: Your motor mount holes will probably be different to these, but the rest of the dimensions ought to be the same..

Machining the Z plate:

One X plate, with mounting holes to put it on the bed extrusion and holes which will be tapped for stepper mounts:

Y plate in situ:



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