[or Stuff I Like To Show Off]


Dingbat's trebuchet. Just a little portable model, by way of practise for something more substantial. It'll throw a half-brick fifty feet. The thing knocks down to three flat frames & a beam, so it'll fit comfortably into an estate car.


My new lathe. It's a Churchill Cub, from 1953. If you have a set of metric changewheels for it, I'd be very happy to hear from you. If you want to sell those changewheels, I'd be even happier.

It's a big chunk of metal, and the shed is uphill, so moving it in got a bit Egyptian. Many thanks to those who risked limbs to help out.


It's a car in a bog. A Series 2A Lightweight, if anyone cares, with an SD1 V8 shoehorned into it by a careless previous owner. I practise my welding on it.


If you've never seen an electric pickle, this may not mean much to you.

If you have, you might be interested to know that this one was soaked in a potassium chloride solution, in an attempt to get a different colour. It worked - just about - but this dodgy Polaroid doesn't really convey colour information very well.



My spiritual home, of course. A place of wonder & magic. Somehow, whenever I take its picture, the people at the photo lab always replace my shot with a library photo of a hut full of rusty scrap. Bastards.

The shed did manage to get itself interviewed on the radio once....