Curriculum Vitae - Richard Sewell





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BA in Physics (2nd class, Oxford, 1981-84)


MSc in Theory of Computation (Oxford, 1984-85)


Date of Birth:


Principal Technical Skills

Analysis, design and implementation.

VB5, VB4

ActiveX in VB for WWW and Office

C, C++ (and the Microsoft Foundation Classes)

NT kernel-mode device drivers


Windows 3.1, NT, 95




Project history

11/99 to date

Palm, XML


Electric Pocket - palmtop development

Electric Pocket Ltd ( is a UK-based company specializing in software and consultancy services built upon mobile computing technologies.

I oversee Electric Pocketís technical strategy and manage our consultancy activities.

I'm product manager for our synchronisation projects.


1/99 to 11/99

InterWorld Commerce Exchange

Solaris - retail e-commerce was one of the fastest growing and ambitious of the e-tailer phenomenon. Reporting directly to the CTO, my role was extremely varied both in technical and man management terms.

The technical goal at boo - which was achieved - was to build, from scratch, an end to end e-commerce technical infra-structure, from manufacturer to consumer, capable of transacting 10,000 orders per day. My responsibilities included:-


I had overall technical responsibility for the architecture of the e-commerce platform and integration of the main B2C and B2B components. I jointly project managed the technical deliveries from the 3rd party consultants and SW suppliers, Oracle, Interworld, IFS and ATIO in collaboration with the Business Project Managers. I was responsible for the analysis and specification of system performance which was proved just prior to launch and tested in earnest when boo ran their discount sale in February 2000 and attained the 10,000 orders in one day design rate.

I was co-patentee on a novel type of browsing technology that was developed for - the "Variation Explorer".



I played a key role together with HR in the recruitment of the technical team, defining the job specs and interviewing over 150 candidates in the space of a couple of months. According to the "Ant Factory" this was one of the largest and fastest technical recruitment campaigns ever run.

I provided the main technical interface to the business development teams, explaining technical issues to non-technical colleagues.


C under HP/UX

Web performance tool

Enhancement (with Kevin Vernon) of a script-driven Web-loading tool, to handle sites with user identification embedded in URLs

4/98 to 8/98


Cheops 2

With John Beardmore & Kevin Vernon, the design & implementation of a VB5 app that replaces the role of SPSS in Cheops 1 (see below ).

3/98 to 1/99

VB5, ActiveX


Design & implementation (with Kevin Vernon) of an ActiveX control to display families of custom graphs in Powerpoint.

3/98 to 1/99

VB5, ActiveX, Office


Design, implementation, and ongoing enhancement (with Kevin Vernon) of an ActiveX control to display custom charts in Web browsers & in Powerpoint.


VB5, OLE, Office


Design & implementation (with Kevin Vernon) of a VB5 app which populates Excel worksheet templates from tabulated data.

11/97 to 12/97

HP/UX, e-commerce, HTML

E-commerce evaluation

Evaluation of an e-commerce package, including the implementation of a sample e-commerce web site.

12/96 to 12/97

VB4 under NT&95

OLE to SPSS & Office apps


Sole design & implementation of an app which runs SPSS (a stats package) via OLE to automate a standard set of statistical analyses and which runs Powerpoint via OLE to produce presentation output



7/95 to 1/99

VC++, MFC, NT & 95


Design & implementation (with John Beardmore & Kevin Vernon) of a substantial Windows app providing the analysis & presentation facilities of Oscar via a GUI interface

10/86 to date

C under OS/2, DOS,

VMS, Unix, NT & 95


Design, implementation, and enhancement over several years (with JB & KV) of a custom market-research data-handling system. This provides a rich language for the description of questionnaires & their amendment, transparent access to data despite an ever-changing record format, complex expression evaluation, and graphical output in a variety of formats.

Technical highlights of the project:

Our own parser driven from a formal grammar, which let us derive a lot of useful semantic information from the parser's syntax-tree output.

Expression pseudo-compilation for rapid execution on a virtual stack-machine evaluator.

Audience-response modelling, using a simple model of responses to advertising & a simulated-annealing minimiser to generate robust measures of advertising effectiveness from very noisy response data.

4/95 to 6/95, 2/96


NT 3.51 device drivers


Design & implementation (with KV) of an NT device driver for a parallel-port dongle, with associated libraries & a dongle-programming app.


C under Windows 3.1


Sole design & implementation of a C DLL to find optimised cutting patterns for glass, using simulated-annealing techniques. The client was producing a vertical-market app for glaziers.

6/94 to 11/94

C under Windows 3.1

'Popchart reporting'

As part of a client's team, I designed & implemented an expression parser & evaluator handling list, numeric & boolean expressions. This was part of a versatile data-analysis app.


MS Access under Windows 3.11


With KV, designed & implemented a customer & contact tracking database for a telemarketing organisation

11/92 to 3/93

C under Unix on PC


With KV & JB, I assisted in the completion (and near-total reimplementation) of an interactive front-end system providing access to a remote securities-price database.

7/88 to 8/88

Informix & C under

SCO Unix


I completed a sales & stock-control database which had been left unfinished when its original author was hospitalised.



5/85 to 7/87

C under Unix & DOS


'Charting project'

Design & implementation with JB & KV of a system for the graphical presentation of market research results. This used a central Unix box & DOS workstations, running our own interactive data-editor & graphics-editor code, along with automated login access to the corporate VAX to collect raw data.


Electronics design & construction

Custom slide-projector controllers, for reaction-time testing.


Datastar under PCDOS

Design & implementation of a financial-records database


DBASE II under CPM/80

Design & implementation of a travel-records database.