(with JHR, 10/2015)

World'o'Techno is an update of the ancient World'o'Music, for Bristol Mini Maker Faire 2015.It's moved from Arduino to Pi and got a whole new housing.

It'll play a different tune for every square foot of the planet.

Components are::
USB GPS (I used a GlobalSat BU-353)
Pi 2B 1.1 (with Sonic Pi 3.0.1, gpsd, and some Ruby)
Terrible car stereo amp from eBay
Car USB adapter to power the Pi
12V lithium battery to power Pi and amp (now replaced by a pack of 3 protected 18650s, for easy battery swaps and charging in the field)
Speakers from charity shop
LED strip
Barrow wheels
Heating-system pressure reservoir for a case

Code is all on github

Here's the electronics:

And wiring for speakers and LED strip

All packaged:

The first incarnation used a simpler but less sturdy chassis:

This is how it looks now, after EMF2016, SHA2107, EMF2018

This is what passes for instructions:

Update, 2022 - I swapped the batteries for protected 18650s in a printed case

CAD files for the battery case are here

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