Ryan's Head


A 3D scanning & printing experiment.

This was an experiment with 123D Catch to see if we could scan & print Ryan's head on my shiny new Rostock.

I downloaded & installed the desktop version of Catch and set to taking photos.

Our first couple of tries were abject failures, with terrible missing chunks and splits in the model that Catch produced. The winning recipe required a lot of photos, in three loops round his head. The loops were level, 45 degrees from above, and 45 degrees from below, and each loop was about 16 shots.

It seemed neccessary add more features to Ryan's head:

Even that was not enough to get a perfect model, and we had to do some manual point-matching in Catch. Next time, I'll use more bits of tape, in multiple colours.

Here's a screenshot of the model after deleting the stray bits of background from it. As you can see, there are a few holes & bumps.

Now we had to turn it into an STL file. Catch can't do that directly, So, in Catch, do File / Export Capture As / OBJ. Then download Meshmixer.

I used this handy tutorial from Makerbot to repair the holes in the mesh, close the bottom to make it solid, and export it as STL. I'm still not sure what set the size of it, but by random chance it came out at a good size for printing.

Here's another helpful Meshmixer tutorial.

Slic3r generated support material, which made the thing stand straight and also supported the overhangs during printing:

Here's the finished print. The lumpy-hair effect seems to be a problem with Catch, which did a much better job on the skin than the hair:

The support material came off easily with an X-Acto:

Here's the finished product, 32mm high:

I put the bobbles down to the rattly UJs in my Rostock. I think balljoints will be the solution.

Can you work out which is the original and which is the copy ?

This is the same file printed at twice the size, 67mm high:

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