One-Bit Textile Eye

12/17, for Dingbat

I saw Irene Posch's 1-Bit Textile and Kobakant's Flip-Dot swatch and wanted to have a play with the idea. And it was Christmas, and there were steampunks to adorn.

Solderable enamelled copper wire for coil winding. I used 0.31mm, probably should have used 0.1mm. I would have had a smaller coil and a more sensible resistance.

I wound by hand, not very tidily, onto a 13mm former

Soldered on connecting wires. You need a hot iron to solder through the insulation. 150 turns gave me about 2.5 ohms.

Lacing, for protection and to tidy up the shape.

Sewn-in pivot thread, and a 10mm magnetite bead from eBay. These are sold in magnetised and non-magnetised flavours, get the magnetised one! They always seem to have the axis of magnetisation at right angles to the hole, which is what we need for this. A slightly bigger former would probably have been a good idea so the bead sat a bit further down.

The masking tape is so I can see it flip. It needs at least 200mA, maybe more to be reliable

Eye is a bit of white gloss spray paint, with blue and black Sharpie. My first attempt, with Tipp-Ex instead of paint, worked less well because of lumpiness.

Driver is a Digispark ATTiny85 board and an LM293 dual--H-bridge driver, with the two bridges wired in parallel. It sees about 3V when driven, and what must be around 1A. Still gets stuck occasionally, though, so the software implements a bit of jiggling.

The brooch was a charity-shop find, originally very bright and brassy, looked much better after a quick visit to a blowtorch.

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