MAC Address Blinkenlights


For EMFCamp 2016.

Two related projects with JH-R for EMFCamp 2016, to brighten the place up a bit.

The first is a 6 for the camp sign, using RGB LED strip (thanks, Jonty!) in 40mm pushfit waste pipe and a handmade FET driver board.

The second is a string of 150 addressable LEDS - neopixel-alikes - using pingpong balls pushed over the LEDs as diffusers.

Both run on an ESP8266 - a Wemos D1 board, in fact - which advertises an access point. The MAC addresses of devices which query the access point are recorded, treated as pairs of RGB colours, and used to light up the 6 or ropelight along the string respectively.

Code is in github if you want to play with something similar. Note that it will crash every once in a while, interval depending on the number of devices nearby, but the ESP always recovers so we never fixed it. Probably a memory leak. Sorry.

Some images:

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