Anton's Giant Sketchy


Giant Sketchy is Anton's scaled-up, engineered-up evolution of the Sketchy portrait-drawing robot.

Parts are CNC machined from aluminium, Delrin, and carbon fibre. It it four times the size of Sketchy, and much more powerful and precise.
Because of its size and strength, it will be able to use other kinds of effector. As well as Sketchy's brushpen, it will be able to use a real paintbrush or an airbrush.

The CAD files and Arduino source code for the machine are here in github.. And the Android app is to be found in little Sketchy's github.

The actuators are stepper motors driving home-made Delrin cycloidal gearboxes:

The frame is laser-cut from MDF - thanks to Andy at Your Laser

And the arms are delrin, aluminium, and carbon fiber:

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