Foot Fall Field

(with Andy, Anton, Libby, Paul 2016)

For EMFCamp 2016.

FootFallField is a collective plaything, which uses a lidar scanner to capture foot positions over a rectangle of floor and a projector to project foot-responsive effects onto that floor.

The scanner uses a LIDAR-Lite sensor from Pulsed Light (now taken over by Garmin, sensor is not available at time of writing) and a lasercut rotating-mirror scanning mechanism. It has two Arduino Nanos, one to run the motor and one to read the scanner and forward range information over USB.

That goes to a Pi 3 running Processing, which infers foot positions from range data and generates the effects.

If you want to tinker, the Processing code has a debug mode in which it'll run without the scanner, simulate footsteps, and accept footsteps from mouse clicks. That makes it very easy to develop new effects without using the scanner and projector.

CAD files, source and docs are all in github if you want to make your own.

Thanks to Andy, Anton, Libby, Paul for their contributions to the mechanism and the code, and to Tine Bech for her thinking around playfulness and discoverability

First day out in public, at BV Studios Open Day 2016:

Setup was in the BV Studios kitchen, the largest, darkest space we can find, with a cheap LED projector and a mirror on a stick:

The mechanism was lasercut by Your Laser. Here it is at work:

And this is an early cat test of the ripple effect:

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