Extra Thumb Workshop


Lasercut polypropylene sheet, 4mm nylon pneumatics tube, string, velcro.

A workshop as part of CCCamp2019.

Around 50 people made themselves extra thumbs.

Massive thanks to Sam, Alice, Robert, and Barney, who made it all work.

This was inspired by Dani Clode's The Third Thumb project. I wanted to try an extra thumb of my own, and once I found a way to make a lo-fi version cheaply and easily the idea of doing it as a workshop was irresistible.

Deserves a proper writeup, but in the meantime here's
CAD files and Lightburn laser files
Workshop instructions
More photos & video

The materials I used are:

0.8mm polypropylene sheet, laser-scored and laser-cut
4mm nylon pneumatics tubing
Hot glue
200lb Dyneema fishing line (which is probably overkill, other string of a suitable size would work just fine)
25mm velcro, in three sorts
- Hook
- Loop
- Stick-back hook
Optionally, self-amalgamating tape can be wrapped round the phalanges to make them a bit grippier

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