ATTiny baubles


Serial LEDs and baubles.

This was an experiment with some serial daisychainable WS2812B / WS2811 LEDs the Russ found on ebay driven from an ATTiny85. The LEDs are individually addressable and RGB.

You'll need the Adafruit's Neopixel library which is usually used to drive LED strip. Those LEDs use the same chip as the strip, just packaged differently. And you need to buy or cobble an ATTiny programmer.

I used a cheap USBasp programmer from eBay and made an adapter with a bit of stripboard and an 8-pin socket. The ATTiny can they be programmed directly from the Arduino environment. See here for more details on what I did.

The LEDs are 15p each, and the ATTiny85 was 80p from RS

The LEDs have four pins - power, ground, data in, data out:

Data connection is daisychained:

Powered from a couple of LR44 button cells:

In a pingpong ball:

Running the Adafruit demo, which is just doing colour fades:

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