Wrinkly bowl


Copper and hammers.

This was an experiment to see if I could get these wrinkled forms to work. I was inspired by two silversmiths I saw in a Goldsmith's hall exhibition - Clare Ransom and Miriam Hanid. Both of whom make startling lovely things.

Here's the sequence, so I remember what I did.

Marking out creases with a template:

All marked out, aiming for a constant spacing, more or less:

Putting in creases with Delrin punches on a rubber pad:

And then a pointy Delrin hammer (actually a Thor 35-SPH125 split-head hammer with Delrin rod in place of the supplied faces):

On a wooden V stake:

The creases are tightened with a Delrin punch on a sort of clothespin stake:

Once the creases are all in place, the thing can be gently shaped with a rubber mallet on a wooden stake. Gently. Giving the thing at the top of the page.

Plans for next time - make a couple more clothespin stakes in different sizes and curvatures, and try to keep the creases a lot tidier, especially near the center. Also, make some kind of extended stakeholder so it is easier to work on the sides.

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