Cement circles


Silver, brass, cement.

For Wendy:



Silver frames:

With aluminium foil stickytape to provide a raised lip, and brass tube stuck in. The tube has no texture on the sides to key it to the cement, which was a problem later on. Next time, I'll drill side holes in the tubes.

You can't see it, but there's a plastic spacer between the silver frame and foil backing here, to make it possible to grind the back of the pendants:

Vacuum the cement to get the bubbles out (I used a fast-setting high-strength cement from a builder's yard):

Ready for grinding back, after a couple of days of hardening:

Halfway through the grinding, done with 240 grit wet & dry:

Finished with 400 then 800 grit, then left to dry and polished with a couple of coats of wax:

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