Blade Runner Umbrella


Tiff and I bought light-up Blade-Runner style umbrellas from eBay for EMFCamp 2014.

But they were a bit dim and crappy:

On this model, the feeble LED handle can be removed by pulling out a brass pin with pliers and twisting to break the acrylic light guide away from its glue:

Or, you could just saw through the acrylic just above the handle. Either way, after that, file the end smooth then polish it with a very gentle application of fire.

Do not set light to the umbrella! Always remember Rule Zero!

Then, get a suitable cheap but bright LED torch, ideally a 2AA one so it is long enough to be a handle.

And find, cobble, or make an simple adapter to join the torch to the end of the acrylic:

Much better:

For extra value, you can polish the other end of the acrylic, which gets you a beam out of the end that you can use to point at things while having opinions.

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